If you are wanting to register for the Winter Season then you must to do this through MyCOMET.
In 2018 NZ Football introduced MyCOMET, as a new player profile system. MyCOMET allows players to register, purchase products, and update and view their own information. This is the new system for NZ Football. EVERY player, no matter how long they have been a footballer or club member, must go online to complete their MyCOMET profile. There is no capability for club administration to roll over any previous registrations.

If you have never played football in NZ then you will need to sign up. If you registered through MyCOMET last season and cannot remember your username or password there is now an option to have this reset.

Please follow the below link to proceed with your registration.
Please also note: when registering you must choose “Pay later” as we currently don’t have a system in place for receiving credit cards payments. All subscription payments can then be made to 03-0791-0562463-003 using your name as a reference.

2023 fees are to be paid by July 31st 2023 – due to the impact of Covid-19. If you feel you cannot meet this date, please get in touch with one of our committee members so we can discuss other options. If you have not made a payment arrangement by this date you will be stood down from playing until your fees have been paid.

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